Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sponsored review: Sunplay's Watery Cool Series

Hi everyone!! 

There's something that I would like to share with everyone of you today, and that is the..


Applying sunblock is definitely a MUST for every single one of us. You wouldn't disagree looking at the current weather in Singapore. The weather is showing no mercy..

I remember my mum always telling me how important this and that is. And no doubt, one of them is to apply sunblock!

I have recently been going around looking for a good sunblock because I ran out of it and I'm more than happy to be sponsored these Sunplay products!

Left: Sunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65 PA+++
Right: Sunplay Watery Cool Mist SPF75PA+++

Benefits of this wonderful product: 
  • Comes in an easy-to-apply spray format. 
  • It leaves a cooling sensation which gives you a refreshing relief on a hot, sunny day!
  • It has a new patented formula, which gives high protection against sunburn, skin aging and dryness.

Retailing at $17.90.

What's awesome about this product?
  •  When spread, it becomes transparent. And it absorbs really quickly!
  • It doesn't feel thick and sticky at all when applied.
  • Leaves a refreshing menthol scent.
Retailing at $17.20.

It is time for all to get a good sunscreen now! There's no point regretting in future, protect your skin from now on! Quick grab yours now at the local drugstores (Eg. Watsons, Guardian)!

Here's the Sunplay protection range, definitely essential for all your outdoor activities!!

Want to get yours right now?

I'm a GIVEAWAY on my blog now!

Redeem a Sunplay Superblock SPF 130 PA+++ travel size sample for FREE!
Yes, you didn't see it wrongly. FOR FREEEEE! (:

All you have to do is to 'LIKE' Sunplay SG on Facebook and that's it, the Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++ is yours!!!

"LIKE" them here now!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sneak Preview: Colour Therapy!

I will be launching a new collection tomorrow, 12 August! (:
The photos displayed on the banner are all my FAVOURITES! Feel like keeping them all!
I have secretly kept some other pieces in this collection for myself too! Haha!

Look! Mel still looking awesome after a long day at work! She is like a superwoman, from work in the morning till photoshoot which ended near midnight!

Will share the rest of the photos with you at the launch! See you tomorrow!
Look out for the mailer!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

It had been a really long hiatus!
"Hmm. How many times do you want to repeat this, Steffi?"

I haven't been taking pictures that often like before, but I'm trying to get myself back to those times.
Lost of what to blog, what to share. Haha!
Probably, I'll choose one topic which is most frequently asked on my formspring?
What do you think?

Ask me anything at my Formspring!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Haven't met up with this darling ( Sheryl ) for months due to the preparation for my exams! The moment I met her, I said," I think we haven't met up for half a year! " HAHAHA! She said I was exaggerating! 

Had Popeyes for lunch, and this is her very first time trying! 

2 sets of 2 piece Chicken Meal ! (:

Love drumsticks and thighs! And I always request for them! (: 

Smile for the camera before getting onto the food!

Walked across towards Tampines 1 for our hair appointment at Twister after lunch! (: 
Time for some hair pampering which I haven't done in months! 

What did I do: Hair trim, Hair coloring and treatment! 

Lucky us, Twister extended their 49% discount promotion for a month! Hence, we get to enjoy our hair services at a cheaper price! Quick make an appointment if you haven't, the promotion lasts till the end of this month! (: 

Untidy hair! BOO!! 

This girl never fail to pose for my camera whenever my camera faces her! Nice, I like!! 

We ended quite early today and we made a trip down to town. Drove her for the first time, and I hope I didn't scare you, darling! HAHAHA! 
Have been looking around for clothings/wedges/heels/accessories so badly, but nothing seem to catch my eye. Ugh, I WANT TO DRESS UPPP! 

Sheryl using my loose powder after trying out the new concealer that we have bought today! 

We settled our dinner at Nana Thai since most of the restaurants are already closed by 9pm. Shops in FEP close really early nowadays ( I thought the usual is 10pm ). 

We shared a plate of Fu Jian Mian as it comes in quite a huge portion. And luckily we did that because it turned out to be just nice for the both of us! Yums! I'm missing Tom Yum Soup while typing this! Can't wait for BKK trip! Lots of shopping and good food!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of torment. Beginning of freedom.

Hello everybody who are still watching this space! (:

Finally. Finally I'm done with all of my papers! I've been waiting for this day, so so badly.
Prepared for my papers 3 months before the exam, and intensive revision started 1 month before.
Still, I was short of time and probably this has got to do with my poor time management.

The papers are still as challenging as ever. Know what, I'm immune to not being able to solve the questions. Seem like no big deal anymore. Bad thing, not something to be proud of.
Well, at least it wasn't that bad for Sociology and Accounting.
But, I guess I will definitely have some errors here and there. Just a mere pass will do.

Now that exams are over, I'm rewarded with 5 months of holidays! I don't deny that it is really long.
My mum asked me to go look for a job, but I'm still considering because I have some plans in mind.
And of course, that includes my online store! :D
I've been really distracted by it during my exam period, however, it really perks me up whenever I feel demotivated.  I'll tell myself that I'll be able to concentrate on it fully once I'm done with my exams and I got excited all over! And there's lotsa plans that I want to share, but still under consideration!

PS: I'm looking for a web designer. Do email me if you know of any, or if you are one! (:

Last but not least, I'm really grateful for the tremendous support from my family and B during my exam period. I appreciate all of you 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


YES TIME, I've managed to squeeze a little bit of time for blogging!

I will blog and I'll always do. Never did it cross my mind that I will stop blogging one day because probably it is one of my interests? Or probably, I love taking pictures and sharing about my life ( Although it is rather boring! HAHA! )

It's actually quite interesting when you do read back on your old blog posts that you've published a few years back. You'll then notice how amazing it is , how great one can change.








B bought me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups when we were at Universal Studio a week back! Have been hooked on Chocolate + Peanut Butter stuffs ever since I tried the "Butter Fingers" that his sister bought from the US! (: Yummy!

Gonna go munch on my snacks now and off to bed! :D

Till here 
Sleepytime. Night night! (: 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello all ! (:

I have been neglecting my blog so much that I'm feeling really bad about it. I will definitely continue blogging! Have a post coming right up soon!

Meanwhile, you can ask me questions at! (:

See ya'll !

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Credits: AlvinZ

I've neglected this space. A.G.A.I.N.
Have really no idea what to blog about. Haven't been taking much pictures nowadays and my life's rather mundane.

I'll try to blog more often and HAPPY 2011 !! :D :D :D 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A must have for Christmas parties! Don't cha think this piece looks so christmassy? I grabbed this immediately when I saw it ! Simple yet chic! 

Look at those intricate lace details. They just made this piece so different from others! Sash helps adjust the length as well! 

A Forever 21 inspired piece that's so eye catching! Never get enough of crotchet designs! Comes in both black and jade! (:

Fuschia! Don't this colour stand out?! Love the way how it can look good in both formal and casual! It comes in GREY as well ! 

Catch the launch soon girls! Probably by Wednesday, latest Thursday! 
Its the festive season! Wait not, its time to dress up! 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Spent my Saturday afternoon at Singapore Flyer's flea together with Carmen. We had a hard time carrying all the stocks, racks and those barang barangs! The scorching sun made us perspire profusely, despite us wearing sleeveless tops and shorts! 

Worst thing was, we felt as though our effort has gone to a waste, seeing the crowd coming in.. If you have been reading this space of mine, you will actually know that I'm quite active in fleas.
 I won't say every month. But probably once every 3 months? Or probably 4 months if I'm busy or I don't find any good fleas around. 

The crowd at Flyer's as compared to SCAPE/HOME CLUB is to the ratio of 1:20. I'm not kidding. Usually fleas are congested with people and you can hardly walk. For this, HAHAHA. You can run like nobody's business. 

Aight, enough of talking! Let me just bombard this post with pictures! 

Honestly, have you seen a flea that EMPTYY before?

Our stall, selling clothings and belts! 

TSC'S NAMECARD! Have you gotten yours yet ? (:

Carmen started drawing when she saw the name cards! 

Her drawing is good right?! I was so shocked when I saw it! I kept it with me! 

Carmen and I ! We're both wearing TSC clothes! 

Carmen - Summer Embroidery Top ( BLACK ) 
Steffi - Upcoming COLLECTION 11 ! Launching soon dears! (:

Photographs of me lying around the table! 

Checking out for twitter updates! 

Too bored & I started doing stupid facial expressions! And there's this guy who stared at us and asked if we needed him to take a photo for us. So embarrassing -.-

Still doing it after the guy left. HAHA! 

Photos with Cheryl & Samantha who were just beside us! They helped us a lot with packing up as Carmen & I couldn't manage ourselves. 

Flea ended at 7pm, one of the earliest that I've been to as well!

Look at how much we could camwhore!! Which also shows how free we were over there!
Felt like we were having some picnic there instead, munching on food, chit-chating and taking photos!

Aight, time for bed! Another week of school to go!